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15 May 2001

Fuji Xerox provides more colour power for professional printers

Fuji Xerox provides more colour power for professional printers

Spire CSX2000 offers users superior image quality, higher productivity, personalised variable information capabilities and faster image processing, all powered by a new platform from CreoScitex.

"The Xerox DocuColor Series of printers already leads the industry in terms of breadth of product line and range of options," said Henryk Kraszewski, Production Colour Manager, Fuji Xerox Australia. "Adding the CSX2000 to our line-up further strengthens our offerings and opens up new markets."

Spire colour servers, developed specifically for the on demand, digital printing market, are based on advanced printing technologies and robust architecture. Together with the Xerox DocuColor 2060, they deliver top performance through a very fast RIP and unique productivity-enhancing features. These include the innovative Gallop mode, which enables users to RIP and print the same file simultaneously, and a powerful but easy-to-use, built-in imposition tool which can be used with any application, including variable information jobs. The unique post-RIP imposition feature permits print operators to incorporate last-minute changes without having to re-process the entire job, cutting both time and cost.

The servers intuitive user interface streamlines workflow and reduces the learning curve for operators. Bringing superior print quality to the professional printing market, the CSX2000 fully automates the trapping process, a step that ensures consistent colour coverage on every document printed in a specific run. Together with the renowned CreoScitex colour image quality and unlimited variable information capabilities, the CSX2000 brings exceptional value to digital printers and their customers.

Steve Dunwell, Director of Sales and Marketing at CreoScitex Australia, said, "The huge customer demand for the Spire CSX2000 has been very gratifying, even before the official product release was announced. We believe that this is because Xerox DocuColor users who need high productivity, high quality systems, appreciate the unique value that Spire colour servers offer. Users no longer need to compromise on such basic issues as job size and complexity. Add to this our powerful Variable Information tools, which are unmatched in the market today, and its clear why Spire is the production colour server of choice for users in every segment of the digital printing market."

"The CSX2000 is a welcome addition to the Xerox DocuColor 2060," added Kraszewski. "It is eminently suitable for use with DocuColor printers, especially in the professional printing market segment. The servers powerful processing capabilities and extensive variable information capabilities enable Fuji Xerox to take the lead in personalised printing."

The Xerox DocuColor 2060 with the Spire CSX2000 is being demonstrated at the Fuji Xerox stand 340 at PacPrint 2001, Melbourne Exhibition Centre.

Pricing and Availability
The Spire CSX2000 is available for customer installations from 1 June. Recommended retail pricing is $100,000 plus GST.

Further Information

Henryk Kraszewski
Fuji Xerox Australia
02 9856 5620

Philippa Lowe
Just Go Write
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