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5 September 2001

Short Courses at RMIT for Digital Print Business

Short Courses at RMIT for Digital Print Business

The FXA together with RMIT Universtity has launched a program of Digital Print short courses which is designed to help today's print entrepreneur develop and deliver a profitable new digital print business model. The business of digital printing requires new entrepreneurial strategies and customer engagement methods. Two specific digital print workshops have been developed for both business owners and their sales staff.

1) Business Owners / managers
Useing strategic business planning processes the two day course will clarify the market, Technology and competitive environment from which their business directions can be considered and investment decisions can be made.

2) Sales and Marketing managers
Focusing on customer engagement this two day followup short course helps our clients and prospects explore their strategic customers document needs and identify new opportunities for profitable digital print solutions

The above two shortcourses are designed to prepare both new entrants as well as existing clients to optimise their returns on investment in the digital production print market and to move forward in the evolution of the new business of printing.

For more information please download the Digital Print PDF or Call (03) 9925 8111