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11 October 2002

Greenest of the Green

Greenest of the Green

Beating off competition from across New South Wales, Fuji Xerox Australia’s Eco Manufacturing Centre tonight walked away with the Institution of Engineers, Australia Award for the Environment (NSW division) – given for the Centre’s work in conservation and landfill/waste reduction through recycling.

The Eco Manufacturing Centre also recently won the 2002 Eureka Prize for Industry and has been chosen to feature in an excellence in engineering technology exhibit at The Powerhouse Museum.

“We lead the world in this technology,” said Dr. Dan Godamunne, General Manager of the Eco Manufacturing Centre. “Remanufacturing is one way Australia can prove its credentials on the world conservation scene.”

Focusing heavily on product improvement and quality, the Eco Manufacturing business supports the Fuji Xerox range of photocopiers, printers and faxes in Australia while rapidly expanding its export business to Asia, proving that what is good for the environment is good for business.

“Laser printer components and electronic circuit boards contain heavy metals that can take hundreds of years to degrade, so anything that can be done to divert these from landfill is a major positive,” added Godamunne.

According to Godamunne, the remanufacture of office equipment components has diverted an estimated 1 million piece parts from landfill. This year alone the Eco Manufacturing Centre will remanufacture more than 300,000 parts and components, recycling over 90 per cent of all the materials returned to the Centre.

Add to this the huge export, and import substitution opportunity that remanufacture of these components offers and “green” translated into “greenbacks” makes real economic sense as well, he added. Growing at 20 per cent per year over the past 10 years, the Eco Manufacturing Centre is a big contributor to Fuji Xerox Australia’s bottom line and, according to Godamunne, could do a similar job for the automotive, IT and household goods industries in Australia.

The Institution of Engineers, Australia’s Excellence Award for the Environment honours a business, company or corporation that delivers direct benefits to the environment and the community while demonstrating engineering excellence through innovation and outstanding commitment to engineering practices and principles in research, development, training and implementation.

About Fuji Xerox Australia
Fuji Xerox Australia is a leader in document management solutions, drawing on many years of research and development to deliver customised solutions for clients at every level of enterprise document processing. More information can be found at www.fujixerox.com.au

About the Engineering Excellence Awards
Through the Engineering Excellence Awards, The Institution of Engineers, Australia aims to provide leadership, foster excellence and promote community confidence in Australian engineering. Established in 1984, the Excellence Awards showcase best practice engineering in Australia, while demonstrating to both Australian and international communities that Australia's best engineers are among the world's finest.

About the Eureka Prizes
The Australia Museum Eureka Prizes raise the profile of science in the community by acknowledging and rewarding outstanding achievements in scientific research, application, education, writing and journalism. Established in 1990, the Eureka Prizes have grown into Australia's pre-eminent and most comprehensive national science awards.

The Powerhouse Museum Exhibit
The exhibit showcasing excellence in engineering technology will open in December 2002 and run through to November 2003 at The Powerhouse Museum, Darling Harbour.

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