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24 February 2003

Fuji Xerox Australia Hosts ‘Xpressive’ Art Show

Fuji Xerox Australia Hosts ‘Xpressive’ Art Show

Fuji Xerox Australia is staging an art exhibition at the company’s North Ryde headquarters on February 27 to help raise funds for charity organisation United Way Sydney. Called ‘Xpressive’, the exhibition includes works by Fuji Xerox employees, and, as well as the charity cause, aims to create a sense of belonging and community in the workplace.

Attendees can expect to see a wide variety of works at the exhibition including oil paintings, jewellery, pottery, wild life drawings and even Japanese cartoon caricatures.

“Xpressive is a great opportunity for Fuji Xerox staff to show off their artistic talents, as well as helping a good cause,” explained Fuji Xerox Australia’s Corporate Account Manager and participating artist at the show, Kathrin Longhurst.

“Often it’s hard to find out your work colleagues’ talents much beyond their job description. It’s great to see so many employees from Fuji Xerox coming out and expressing their artistic passion- some of the works on display are truly inspirational – and it gives us the chance to see our colleagues in a different light.”

The artists are donating half of the funds raised at the exhibition to United Way Sydney. Fuji Xerox Australia has had an active relationship with United Way for nine years, with 120 employees currently participating in the organisation’s payroll deduction program.

According to Bill Downing, CEO of United Way Sydney, Fuji Xerox’s generous donation to United Way is a great corporate example of social responsibility.

“We value our partnership with Fuji Xerox Australia and appreciate their contribution to making a difference in the community with United Way,” said Downing. “This initiative is a perfect example of Fuji Xerox’s commitment to social responsibility – a commitment that has been increasingly demonstrated during our nine year relationship. We applaud their efforts and look forward to being part of a great art show.”

About Fuji Xerox Australia
Fuji Xerox Australia markets Xerox products, solutions and services throughout Australia. Xerox’s mission is to be the leader in the global document management market, providing solutions that provide a bridge between the paper and digital worlds and enhance business productivity through the sharing of knowledge. For further information about Fuji Xerox, please visit www.fujixerox.com.au

About United Way Sydney
United Way is a volunteer-based organisation with no political or religious affiliations that delivers effective and efficient humanitarian solutions to community minded companies and their staff. This is done through a range of services including volunteer activities and fundraising initiatives such as pre tax payroll deduction programs.

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Fuji Xerox Australia
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Bill Downing
United Way
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