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25 February 2003

Fuji Xerox Australia launches new solution to global counterfeiting issues

Fuji Xerox Australia launches new solution to global counterfeiting issues

As a counter-measure to the multi-billion dollar problem of currency, document and product forgery, Fuji Xerox Australia has introduced a proprietary anti-counterfeiting system that is distinctly different and far more secure than ink markings, bar codes, or holograms.

The new system incorporates chemically encoded microparticles into paper, inks, paper coatings or adhesives. The microparticles function as tags which securely identify an individual, company, government, assembly line, shipment, or lot number as the legal owner or source.

Business Development Manager for Fuji Xerox Australia, John Sparks, said the innovation offers a simple and cost-effective security solution to a wide range of products including currency, passports, tickets, ID cards, CDs, and even bulk goods from minerals and chemicals to agricultural products.

“Worldwide, governments and businesses have seen an explosion in the counterfeit problem over the past few years. Police blame the influx on the development of high-quality laser printers, capable of reproducing the colours and all but the finest details on valuable documents or products. Microparticles are a proven and successful means of adding high levels of security. They allow manufacturers to add security measures through numerous methods, including the pulp and paper manufacturing, ink or coating processes.”

According to Sparks, Microparticles have excellent qualities for security tagging, and integrate well into most substrates, including paper. “Not only are these particles durable, but they can be layered with as many levels of security as the customer needs.”

Sparks also said that because the system produces billions of distinct codes rapidly and economically, the product can offer unlimited numbers of covert security codes to users. These codes are then used to authenticate plant origin, time of manufacture, customer destination or lot and batch numbers.

“Codes are registered to pre-qualified customers and recorded in a secured, confidential database. Once a code is manufactured and assigned to a customer, that code is taken permanently out of production,” he explained.

The microparticles are invisible to the unaided eye, but are discernible with common reading devices, such as an illuminated magnifier. Smaller size particles can be produced for added security, for reading with a microscope.

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