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11 August 2010

Fuji Xerox Announces Installation of Australia’s First Color 1000 Press

Fuji Xerox Announces Installation of Australia’s First Color 1000 Press

The groundbreaking Fuji Xerox Color 1000 Press has just been installed at Dashing Print, a digital print company servicing the corporate and advertising markets in the North Sydney business district and the Sydney CBD.

Dashing Print opted for the Color 1000 Press because of its ability to “spot” or “flood” coat printed documents using Clear Dry Ink, and its ability to produce variable data projects at the highest quality in extremely quick turnaround times, a critical factor in the highly competitive North Sydney market.

Director and partner at Dashing Print, Russell Kavnat, said, “At Dashing Print we aim to be the leader in our market, and to stay at the cutting edge of technology. We wanted to enhance our customer focus even further through faster turnarounds so when a platform as potent as the Color 1000 Press became available, we knew this was what exactly what we needed.”

The Color 1000 Press is capable of producing a “spot” or “flood” clear coat inline using Fuji Xerox’s revolutionary Clear Dry Ink, giving a similar effect to spot varnish. Clear Dry Ink enables digital printers to highlight images, headlines or variable text, enhance logos and variable images, apply digital watermarks, and even simulate pearlescent and metallic effects.

Using Clear Dry Ink in this fashion provides numerous new revenue opportunities for digital printers, greater productivity, and improvements in the quality of the finished products. The Color 1000 Press is particularly suited to producing printed collateral for marketing and advertising agencies, as well as corporations that require individualised promotional materials at very short notice.

“We have always worked closely with Fuji Xerox Australia, and we feel that this has been a key element to the growth and success of our business,” said Russell Kavnat. “The Clear Dry Ink will be a real opportunity for us, and we are looking forward to working with our agency customers to really unleash the power of this new value add. Variable data is a growing area of our business and the Color 1000 Press, when being driven by XMPie™, produces some amazing results.”

The Fuji Xerox Color 1000 Press has outstanding environmental credentials thanks to its use of EA (Emulsion Aggregate) Low Melt Dry Ink. In addition, the life-spans for a number of its parts are four times longer than previous models, and its power demand is much lower, so that a single-phase 50 amp power supply is sufficient to drive the Color1000 Press.

Dashing Print’s Russell Kavnat added, “We are conscious of the role we need to play in respect to the environment, so when choosing the Color 1000 Press this was one of our top priorities.”

The Color 1000 Press is a fully featured digital printer boasting high definition image quality, and very flexible paper handling capabilities of 55-350gsm coated and uncoated stocks, enabling it to produce many projects that might previously have been done by offset methods.

Simon Lane, National Manager for Production Services Business at Fuji Xerox Australia, said that Dashing Print’s selection of the Color 1000 Press is a strong indication of the new platform’s capabilities: “The folks at Dashing have always been one of our most forward thinking customers, and they have been determined to be the first Australian install since they heard about the Color 1000 Press.

“We are proud that Dashing selected the Color 1000 Press and it reinforces our belief that the Color 1000 Press represents a very special moment in our long history,” said Lane

Fuji Xerox Australia has now secured seven orders for the Color 1000 Press, and Lane says that demand will accelerate over the next few months.

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