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23 June 2011

Fuji Xerox Australia Launches the ONE Solution at Printex 2011

Fuji Xerox Australia Launches the ONE Solution at Printex 2011

Sydney, Australia – Launched at Printex 2011, ONE Solution is ideal for businesses seeking to in-source their marketing campaigns, add additional services and reduce operating costs through subscription based Software as a Service (SaaS). 

The first of its kind in Australia, the ONE Solution offering packages three key end-to-end software services from which customers can select:

  • OneWebPrint– Web to print e-commerce solution provides a low cost of entry for print providers aiming to provide a web-front based business model to their customers.
  • OneMedia – Cross media marketing solutions including personalised promotions and e-commerce store fronts.
  • OneGifting – Photo gifting services such as photo-books and production of photo marketing collateral.

Additionally, Fuji Xerox will provide a full range of on-demand support services, including training, consultation and business development to ensure customers get the most value from software subscriptions and maximise return on investment potential.

Peter Brittliff, Marketing Manager, Graphic Communications Software Solutions, Fuji Xerox Australia says the ONE Solution SaaS model allows print-for-pay businesses to easily transform from just providing core printing and finishing solutions to full marketing communications service providers. “This is the perfect solution for suppliers who currently provide standard printing services to their customers, yet want to grow their business by providing additional, new services in a simple and cost-effective way,” said Brittliff.

“We will continue to expand the ONE Solution offering, and expect it to become a cornerstone of our solution set for clients,” said Brittliff. “We continue to offer our full range of FreeFlow and XMPie solutions, and we view the ONE Solution as a stepping stone to these more fully featured range of products.”

The Fuji Xerox ONE Solution officially launches on 4 July 2011.

For Further Information Please Contact:

Name: Peter Brittliff

Fuji Xerox Australia

Phone: 0418 972 077

Email: Peter.Brittliff@aus.fujixerox.com

Name: Michaela Zucker

Text 100 Public Relations

Phone: (02) 9956 5733

Email: michaela.zucker@text100.com.au