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1 August 2011

Fuji Xerox Australia’s commitment to Environmental Sustainability and policy on sustainable paper sourcing

Fuji Xerox Australia’s commitment to Environmental Sustainability and policy on  sustainable paper sourcing

We have a robust approach to sustainable supply chain management, which includes a specific policy on sustainable paper sourcing (www.thepaperfacts.com.au). This policy was developed in consultation with ENGOs, our suppliers and industry specialists. It sets minimum environmental standards and a step-wise program for improvement in the areas of fibre sourcing, energy and water use, emissions to air, land and water and it is based on global guidelines and industry standards. We confirm and renew our suppliers’ compliance with this policy annually.

This policy specifically addresses the responsible forestry management practices we expect from our suppliers. Our position is to seek FSC (or PEFC) certification when procuring non-recycled stocks. Where possible we also work with partners who have demonstrated a willingness to improve their forestry practices (and register for FSC certification) to help them achieve their goals. It would be far too easy to walk away without helping to positively impact sustainable practices.

Relationship with APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Limited)

Fuji Xerox Australia has been working proactively with APRIL over the last eighteen months, encouraging them to attain certification and working with the certification body and ENGO’s on the ground to monitor APRIL’s progress. However, over the last several months we have been concerned with the lack of progress within APRIL. We knew a pre-audit was undertaken in April 2011 to assess APRIL’s readiness for the suspension to be lifted and whilst we have not seen the results of the report our concerns were grave enough for us to take steps in June 2011 to review our relationship with APRIL. The outcome of this review is pending.

Any questions regarding our sustainable sourcing policy or our relationship with our suppliers should be addressed to :-

The Corporate Communications Manager
Fuji Xerox Australia