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12 August 2011



TOKYO, Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou)Co., Ltd., Note 1 which is the center of Fuji Xerox’s Resource Recycling System in China, has accomplished the Zero Landfill Note 2 goal by achieving recycling 99.8 percent of collected used products and consumables in FY2010.

Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) , established in January 2008 , disassembles used Fuji Xerox products such as copiers, printers and cartridges that Fuji Xerox (China) Limited, Fuji Xerox's sales company in China, collects from all over China (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) Note 3 , and sorts them into 70 categories including steel, aluminum, lenses, glass and copper for recycling. Over the period from the operation launch to March 2011, the company generated 1,500 tons of recycled resources.

Further, Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) has been actively reusing used parts, and was certified as one of 35 pilot remanufacturing enterprises of electric products by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China (MIIT) .

Fuji Xerox was the first company in the industry to introduce products containing recycled parts to the Japanese market in 1995, launching a full-fledged Integrated Recycling System. In August 2000, the company became the first in Japan to achieve Zero Landfill from collected used products. In addition, Fuji Xerox introduced the recycling system of the quality equivalent to the one in Japan, in Thailand in December 2004 as the center of Fuji Xerox’s International Resource Recycling System for nine countries and regions of Asia Pacific Note 4, where it directly provides sales and services. The recycling site accomplished the Zero Landfill goal by achieving recycling 99.8 percent of used products and consumables in FY2009.

Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co

Fuji Xerox continues to implement its 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) initiatives to achieve the goals of Zero Landfill, No Pollution and Zero Illegal Disposal, perceiving them as its responsibility as a manufacturer. It is committed to further reinforcing the Integrated Recycling System, which is an advanced model for achieving business growth and environmental conservation at the same time. Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou)

Note 1: A recycling site wholly owned by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd., located in Suzhou, China.

Note 2: Fuji Xerox defines Zero Landfill as recycling rate of more than 99.5 percent.

Note 3: The collection and recycling of used products in Hong Kong and Macao are covered by Fuji Xerox's International Resource Recycling System in Thailand. Fuji Xerox Taiwan Corporation constructs and operates its individual recycling system due to the cross-boundary movement regulation on used electrical and electronic equipment.

Note 4: Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Thailand. For details, please access:

Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) Overview:

Name: Fuji Xerox Eco-Manufacturing (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
President: Yuji Otake
Capital: 609 million yen (100% owned by Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.)
Date of Establishment: December 2006
Location: Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu, China
Employees: Approximately 250
Business: Disassembly and separation of used office equipments such as copiers, recycling of toner cartridge and manufacture of toner cartridge
Capacity: 15,000 machines/year; 500,000 cartridges/year
Site area: 16,700m 2
Factory wing construction area: 7,500m 2
Total factory wing floor area: 7,500m 2 (one-story reinforced concrete building)