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24 September 2012

Fuji Xerox Australia releases 2012 sustainability report

Fuji Xerox Australia releases 2012 sustainability report

Sydney, Australia – September 24, 2012 – Fuji Xerox Australia today announced the launch of its 2012 sustainability report. The report, which details the company’s approach and success in delivering sustainable practices over the last year, also saw Fuji Xerox Australia post a 5.8 percent increase in revenue against the prior year.

Over the last year Fuji Xerox Australia embarked on several large-scale sustainability initiatives including the relocation of its Eco Manufacturing Centre to a facility in Rosehill. Refurbished to sustainable building standards, the Eco Manufacturing Centre is registered for Green Star certification aiming for a 5-Star Green Star Office Interior v1.1 and 4-Star Green Star Industrial Design v1 rating. The new centre is a state-of-the-art engineering facility aimed at broadening the capability and scope of Fuji Xerox Australia’s Eco Manufacturing operations. Fuji Xerox has a longstanding commitment to end-of-life product stewardship and goal to achieve zero waste to landfill from its manufacturing and business operations.

“While the Eco Manufacturing Centre constituted our flagship sustainability investment in 11/12, the report highlights our approach to sustainability and the diverse range of initiatives undertaken by Fuji Xerox Australia to improve sustainability across every aspect of our value chain, while sustaining long-term profitability,” said Nick Kugenthiran, Managing Director, Fuji Xerox Australia.

Innovation remains core to Fuji Xerox Australia’s sustainability strategy, with 11/12 seeing its new Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mixed-source carbon neutral paper, aimed at high volume office use, enter the market with the aim to support customers in lowering their scope 3 emissions.

Fuji Xerox Australia’s approach to sustainable paper sourcing was acknowledged with an award for responsible procurement from the FSC in 11/12. An ongoing focus is to work with paper manufacturers in supporting the development of a sustainable paper lifecycle. Suppliers are seen as business partners with an aim of building mutually beneficial relationships based on trust.

In recent years Fuji Xerox Australia has also placed emphasis on social sustainability. Employee engagement improved in 11/12 and significant advancement was seen in safety management. The establishment of a cross-divisional inclusivity steering committee and the opening of a leadership dialogue on what diversity means to the organisation were notable steps in Fuji Xerox Australia’s focus on diversity.

“While we made some important progress in 11/12, achieving reductions in carbon emissions continues to challenge the business. We have had some success with supply chain, where a strategic review led to consolidation of paper warehousing in 12/13, resulting in reduced paper transport movements and associated carbon emissions. Going forward, recent improvements in how we model the carbon impact of business decisions in real estate and logistics will help us pre-empt increases and build energy efficiency into our decision making models.” said Amanda Keogh, Head of Sustainability, Asia Pacific and Australia.

Fuji Xerox Australia’s 2012 sustainability report was independently assured by Net Balance to AccountAbility1000 standards with a Global Reporting Initiative B+ level check.

The full report is available on www.fxasustainability.com.au/2012 in PDF and e-reader format optimised for desktop and mobile devices. Social media integration makes it easy for you to share the report with others and feedback on the report is encouraged via the online feedback survey.

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