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15 July 2013

Working Folder brings cost-effective cloud document management to SMEs

Working Folder brings cost-effective cloud document management to SMEs

Sydney, 15 July, 2013 - Smaller businesses which have traditionally relied on paper documents will be surprised at how Working Folder can free staff from many of the chores that paper documents require, such as scanning, filing, archiving, retrieving and reprinting. With Working Folder they can share and store documents quickly and easily through compatible web browsers, PCs and laptops, smartphones and tablets, or through compatible Fuji Xerox multifunction devices, from which scans or faxes can be automatically routed for immediate action.

Working Folder utilises simple drag and drop operations so users can search, delete, upload, download, edit and move documents in a controlled environment.

Working Folder is able to link directly with compatible Fuji Xerox multifunction devices, so users can print shared documents from the cloud or scan a new document for immediate accessibility and action. Fuji Xerox's Working Folder service is hosted in a Tier 4 data centre - the highest TIA-942 rating possible - providing easier administration and eliminating the need for substantial investments in server systems, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Recent studies have found that a minority of small and medium organisations in Australia have migrated to cloud computing. Many of those surveyed suggested that costs, security fears and inadequate IT infrastructure were major impediments.

Working Folder solves those problems. It can be scaled up, and offers an easy path to document digitisation with the use of compatible Fuji Xerox multifunction devices. It provides a range of security features that help protect against unauthorised access and fraud, along with off-premise data storage.

As a subscription based service, its an affordable operational expense, which is especially beneficial for small businesses with tight cash flows.

By implementing Working Folder, small organisations will be able to compete more effectively. Decisions can be made more swiftly, and no matter where employees are, they can contribute to operations without being tied to the office. Working Folder also allows authorised external users to view, upload or download documents to and from the cloud, so document sharing in a joint project involving numerous companies is no longer a problem.

Working Folder is available now from Fuji Xerox Australia.

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