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22 October 2013

Fuji Xerox Australia boosts mono print productivity with new D136 Copier/Printer

Fuji Xerox Australia boosts mono print productivity with new D136 Copier/Printer

Sydney, 22 October, 2013 - Fuji Xerox Australia has boosted the versatility and productivity of its light production monochrome D-Series copiers/printers with the launch today of the D136 copier/printer.

Sitting at the top of the D95/110/125/136 copier/printer range, the D136 offers users greater choice than ever in print speeds, server options and finishing capabilities to suit their production environments. The D136 copier/printer is designed to fit into most print environments and provide greater versatility in their media capacity and choice of applications.

The D136 copier/printer offers greater production speed and accuracy with its ability to print at up to 136 pages per minute, coupled with greater feeding capacity and extended finishing capabilities.

Designed to suit secondary and tertiary education institutions, in-plant operations, franchises, quick print businesses and commercial printers, the D136 integrates easily into existing workflows to boost production throughput, and offers more efficient cost reporting capabilities to assist with administration activities.

The D136 copier/printer is capable of scanning up to 200 images per minute in full colour, which will assist users who have significant digital archiving needs or need to deliver heavy document loads to clients in a hurry.

The Build Job feature in the D95/110/125/136 Series enables documents to be collated into a single digital format, so that scanning workflows can be simplified.

The D-Series of copiers/printers also enables users to print from, and scan to, any USB memory device, even if they are not at their computer, so that documents can be delivered faster.

The D-Series uses Fuji Xerox’s unique Emulsion Aggregation (EA) Toner, chemically grown to provide the smallest particles for exceptionally fine lines and type, so text and halftones feature deep, solid blacks. Longer print runs, with fewer operator interventions, are assured with higher toner yields from EA Toner.

The broad selection of finishing options available with the D136 copier/printer means that professional print operations can offer a wide range of finished document styles to suit customer demand, while also improving their job throughput. The GBC Advanced Punch combines the printing, punching and collating processes, and a number of interchangeable punch styles cut out labour intensive offline punching. The D136 copier/printer can also offer stapling, hole-punching and SquareFold® booklet making (up to 25 sheets - 100 imposed pages).

Users also have a choice of print servers, so they can customise a solution to suit their particular applications. They can choose between the Standard Integrated Copy/Print Server or the FreeFlow Print Server for more complex production workflows.

Product Marketing Executive, Hardware, at Fuji Xerox Australia, Samantha Dyer, said, “Our ongoing commitment to investment in monochrome production solutions for our customers continues to be something Fuji Xerox Australia is proud of. The D136 copier/printer is the top of the D-Series range, and brings fast and flexible capabilities without the price tag or footprint of high production monochrome devices.”

Fuji Xerox Australia’s proven, reliable service and support is available to all users of the D-Series of copiers/printers.

The new D136 copier/printer is available now from Fuji Xerox Australia.

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