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2 July 2014

Greener printing with solid ink technology

Greener printing with solid ink technology

Being aware of your company's environmental performance comes with benefits both for your business and the larger community. Practices such as improving material efficiency can have a positive impact on the company's bottom line, and it helps to avoid waste. Green printing solutions like Solid Ink technology can be an important driver in reducing your business' impact on the environment while boosting its profitability.

Australian businesses contribute over 14 million tonnes per year in commercial and industrial waste. As part of all commercial and industrial waste generated in in Australia in 2012, 346,000 tonnes of plastic packaging, and 803,000 tonnes of cardboard have been landfilled, while 41 tonnes and 1,834 tonnes have been recycled, respectively. The environmental impact of this amount of waste, as well as the cost that occur to a business each year for waste removal, are only two of the many reasons why Fuji Xerox takes pride in its efforts to offer green solutions to businesses.

Solid Ink Technology
First brought to the market in 1991, Solid Ink is one cost-efficient and easy-to-use example of a sustainable printing product that can improve your business' bottom line.

Solid Ink technology has been developed and refined exclusively by Xerox for nearly thirty years. It's technology that uses solid sticks of ink made of safe materials such as non-toxic waxes, resins and dyes, to create flawless printed documents. The benefits of Solid Ink technology are extensive: not only are the materials it's composed of 30% bio-renewable, as certified by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (USA), but Solid Ink ensures high colour quality printing on a range of different papers, including environmentally-friendly recycled papers. Each stick of ink has a unique shape, making it easy to load into a printer. Its resin-based composition ensures that it doesn't spill, leak or smudge, making it easy to handle: just like a crayon!

On top of its ease-of-use and superior performance, Solid Ink can significantly contribute to green initiatives in your office. As there are no cartridges to dispose and less packaging to add to landfills, Solid Ink technology reduces the need for the manufacturing of plastics and cardboard for containers, takes up less storage space, and improves transportation efficiency. With this approach, Solid Ink technology creates 90% less waste than a laser printer.

Especially relevant for organisations with high colour print volumes, Fuji Xerox Solid Ink multifunction printers can help you achieve a significant saving on 70% of the colour pages you print every day.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Fuji Xerox has been committed to environmentally responsible product design for a long time. We understand the value of the environment and create solutions that allow your business to operate efficiently while lessening your impact on the environment. Reduce, reuse, recycle - this is what we keep in mind in the design and manufacturing of our equipment as well as in the implementation of our products in our clients' workplaces. In improving the efficiency of document intensive processes through better design, technology and materials, we aim to help businesses cut costs and carbon emissions.


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